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# Description Remuneration Period of Hiring No of Human Resources
1 Technical Manpower (Senior Developer with 5 years experience in Drupal) Rs. 40,000 For 12 months initially 1 (One)
2 Technical Manpower (Senior Developer with 3 years experience in Drupal) Rs. 30,000 For 12 months initially 1 (One)

Job skill set, experience required (Please read carefully and apply only if you meet the below mentioned requirements)

1. Experience : Three to Five years experience (Working experience in Drupal 7 and above mandatory)

2. Skill set required

  1. PHP
  2. OOP using PHP
  3. HTML5
  4. CSS, Bootstrap
  5. Javascript, JQuery
  6. DOM
  1. MYSQL
  2. Stored Procedure, Views
  3. Query Building
  1. Multi-site installations
  2. Multilingual sites
  3. Advanced theming skills for responsive web design, grid based layout techniques and JQuery based interactions
  4. Configuration export: Turning Drupal configuration and into exportable, importable and version-controllable code.
  5. Complex views configuration ad complex modules such as Paga manager, Rules, Organic Groups and access control modules.
  6. Drupal Javascript APIs
  7. The hook system and how you can alter Drupal core and modules implementing hooks.
  8. Ability to use Drush to update or setup a site
  9. Strong understanding of good best practices configuration for perfomance, security and SEO of a Drupal site (think launch checklists)
  10. various APIs of Drupal
  11. Menu system (page, access, title and delivery call backs, how to pass parameters to them, etc.), the Queue API for asynchronous operations, Batch API for long running operations, Entities and Field APIs for user editable structured data, Theme API and Render Arrays for anything presentation, Cach API, Schema and database APIs, File API, Cache API, Schema and Database APIs, File API, Cache API and Localization API.
  12. Secure coding: Secure user inuts, XSS, Form API Security
  13. Web services and native mobile apps: This includes using Services and REST, integrating with external APIs and being able to expose data to consumers like mobile applications. Restful Webservices
  14. Basic perfomance analysis/optimization- This involves things like setting up caching rules, being aware of permonance impacts of complex architecture, etc
  15. Setting up Drupal servers: Web server (APache), database,PHP, file permissions etc.
  16. Automated testing/continuous integration: Being able to write automated testing for Drupal functionality and implement the tests during development.
  17. Content migration- Migrating large sets of data to a new site, including both database entries and files. Also involves leveraging contrib modules for migration.
  18. Site maintainance Knowing how to update modules, doing backups, watching for security releases, etc.
  19. Front end: using AJAX and techniques for creating good user experience.
  20. Advanced performance optimizing: load times, memoryusage, slow queries, identifying memory hogs, setting up reverse proxy caching, changing cache layers.
  21. Twings in Drupal 8
Period of Hiring For 12 months initially